5 Ways to Protect Your Flooring Against Daily Threats

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5 Ways to Protect Your Flooring Against Daily Threats

No matter how tough you think your floors are, they are still susceptible to damages from various daily threats, like food mishaps, beverage spills, pet accidents, foot traffic, and others, especially if you don’t make an effort to try to protect them.

And for that reason, it’s extremely important to take the necessary steps needed to help safeguard your floors from anything that might cause damage to them in the long run.

Here are five different ways on how you can protect your floors against day-to-day hazards:

  • Put Area Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Entryways, hallways and dining rooms are examples of common high traffic zones in an average home. Placing a protective area rug on a strategic spot in each of these areas will help your flooring endure larger amounts of foot traffic.

  • Place Doormats at Every Entrance

Doormats always do a great job at guarding people’s homes from dirt, debris and mud, all of which are notorious for causing flooring damage. When placed outside and inside every entrance, the ability of doormats to protect your floors against potentially harmful outside elements are doubled, lowering the chances of scratches or damages from occurring.

  • Enforce a ‘No Shoes Inside the House’ Rule

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to protect your flooring is by enforcing a no shoe policy that applies to both the guests and all members of your family. Because even if you have a super durable floor like timber flooring Canberra, shoes are still going to find a way to wreck your floors, especially when they have frequent contact with your flooring. Just remember that when implementing a shoe-free policy in your home, designate an area, a shoe mat or a shoe rack near the entrance to encourage everyone to cooperate.

  • Clean Immediately and Regularly

Due to the fact that some flooring types aren’t waterproof or stain resistant like STAINMASTER carpet choices and vinyl flooring, it’s important to immediately clean up spills if there are any. And because dirt will eventually find its way inside your home, even when you use doormats, cleaning your home regularly is the best way to prevent dirt from accumulating and causing harm to your floors.

  • Place Felt Pads Under Your Furniture

Furniture like chairs, stools and sofas can cause scratches to your flooring when they are moved around. As you probably already know, moving such types of furniture around on a daily basis is unavoidable because the function they serve requires them to endure such activity. But you can lower the chance of scratches from occurring by placing felt pads on the feet or stands of your furniture.

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