Looking after your Indoor Rug with kids

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Looking after your Indoor Rug with kids

Especially with kids, if you are investing in good quality rugs it is important to learn techniques on cleaning and the maintenance required to avoid compromising your rug quality.

Below are my rug care and maintenance tips that every parent should know about:

Immediately Clean Spills and Spots

In the event of a liquid spillage (juice, wine, etc.) or an accidental spotting, blot the affected area immediately with cool water and a clean cloth/paper towel. This is to prevent the spillages or spots from settling in your rug and turning into a stain that will be ridiculously hard to remove. It’s also important to remember that blotting is the key, not rubbing, because doing the latter while trying to remove the stain may worsen the problem. If the stains persist, seek the help of professional rug cleaners.

Vacuum Regularly and Gently

Vacuuming your rug on a regular basis is highly recommended if you want to keep it in good condition for a long period of time. Newer, more powerful vacuum cleaners can cause abrasions on your rug, so only use upright or canister vacuum cleaners without a beater bar when tidying up. Don’t have these vacuum cleaners? Running your vacuum in the lowest setting is a good alternative. And if you don’t have a good quality vacuum cleaner yet, invest in one immediately. I swear that you’ll thank yourself in the future for doing that.

Get Anti-Slip Rug Underlays

Rugs situated on areas with tiled or wooden floors tend to become slippery. Place anti-slip rug underlays beneath your rugs to eliminate the possibility of slipping. Apart from the anti-slipping benefits of rug underlays, they will also prolong the life of your rug as they will absorb most of the impact from stepping, and will protect the floor underneath from abrasions and scratches. In addition to those, rug underlays can also improve underfoot comfort and suppress the noise when stepped on.

Final Note

Whether you have wool, silk, viscose, or cowhide rugs – these general rug care and maintenance tips are applicable for most rug types, so you don’t have to worry about kids messing up your rugs when following these instructions. Just be sure to clean and vacuum gently if your rug is made of delicate fabrics.

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