Simple (But Effective) Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

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Simple (But Effective) Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

As a mom of 4 lovely kids, I learned at some point in my life that I should never neglect my responsibilities at home, even when life gets busy. I know that being a mother is challenging and can get overwhelming at times, especially when there’s just so much else to do. And as mothers, we should never use our busyness as an excuse for failing to do our basic duties at home, which include caring for our children.

Cooking multiple meals a day, resolving conflicts between the siblings, spending quality time with the little ones after school, and maintaining cleanliness in the house – these are just some of the duties that mothers like us are required to carry out on a daily basis. And out of all the responsibilities that were mentioned, most busy moms struggle the most when it comes to house cleaning regularly.

Every mother wants a clean home, but achieving it can be extremely difficult because there are just so many things that need to be done. However, with the right mindset and a realistic game plan, keeping your house clean and organized is pretty much doable. So for all busy moms out there, here are a few brilliant cleaning tips that will surely help you keep your house in tip-top shape, even with all of life’s madness.

  1. Create and Follow a Schedule

Amidst all of the chaos that comes with being a mother, creating a schedule that will serve as your guide can help you stay organized and locked in on your cleaning tasks for the day. For example, if Monday is for trash collection, Wednesday is for laundry, and Saturday is for general cleaning, list everything down on your schedule. Doing this allows you to focus on one or more tasks each day, and prevents you from being overwhelmed by the other tasks because you know they are scheduled on a different day.

     2. Minimize the Amount of Clutter

Clutter can negatively impact an individual’s physical and emotional well-being in so many ways. Aside from that, clutter can also get in your way while you’re doing your cleaning duties. For these two reasons, minimizing the amount of clutter in your house is a must, which you can do picking up any excess belongings of no use and throwing them in the trash. By doing this, your succeeding cleaning sessions will feel much lighter and smoother.

  3. Buy Advanced Cleaning Equipment and Load Up on Supplies

Nowadays, almost everything in this world is either high tech or enhanced, including cleaning products. Examples of such cleaning items are robotic vacuum cleaners, magic erasers, microfiber cloths, spin scrubbers, and so much more. These products are very useful and can help make your cleaning tasks a lot easier, so you should definitely consider investing on them. Other than that, it’s always a good idea to stock up on cleaning supplies, such as liquid cleaning agents and carpet cleaning sprays, so that you won’t have to make a stressful last-minute run to the grocery before you can finally begin with your task.

       4. Utilize Your Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Do you have a vacuum cleaner at home? Whether it’s high-tech or standard, using your vacuum will make the task of cleaning your floors a hundred times easier and faster. And if you have specialized cleaning supplies and products (such as a streak- and smudge-free window cleaning liquid) at your disposal, use them to your advantage so you can save a lot of time and energy. Just remember to utilize everything you have so you can quickly finish your cleaning tasks.

       5. Involve the Kids

Who says that you need to be a one-woman army when it comes to cleaning your home? Getting the kids involved is not only a great way to teach them about responsibility and hard work at an early age, but it is also an effective method to lighten up your cleaning load a little bit. Just be sure to distribute the cleaning tasks accordingly and to only assign lighter cleaning chores (wiping down surfaces, putting away the laundry, etc.) to them.

The Ultimate Solution

While these simple cleaning tips are helpful for every busy mom, there are unavoidable cases where you’ll find it physically impossible to perform your cleaning duties on a given day or week. A lot of Mums now outsource the cleaning to a cleaning company, even if it is only fortnightly or monthly help in maintaining order in the home, this takes a lot of pressure off.

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